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Knee Pillow

The knee pillow can turn an uncomfortable night's sleep into a restful one.

If you are in the habit of sleeping on your sides, then it’s likely that you’re familiar with the uneasiness that occurs as you rest one knee on top of the other one as you sleep. It’s not just uncomfortable, but it might also lead to additional pain around your hip region as well as your lower back region due to the abnormal position or posture of your knees.

Knee pillow – the orthopedic solution

A knee pillow can come to the rescue, playing the role of a remedial orthopedic pillow. These pillows are designed for easing back pain, hip pain, and pain around the knee areas. All you need to do is to place the pillow in between your knees during the nighttime – which in turn keeps your knees separate and thus reduces the strain that might be otherwise on your hipbones.


Knee pillows with hourglasses shapes

The majority of knee pillows that you’ll see are shaped as hourglasses. You will also see pillows with rectangular shapes. Knee pillows shaped as hourglasses have a reputation of staying in right place throughout the nighttime fairly well. This is because of the way they contour to your knees’ natural shape, as well as to the shape of your legs.

Knee pillows with rectangular shapes

As opposed to that, rectangular shaped knee pillow wedges usually don’t have such an advantage. Most models include some kind of fabric straps (that wrap the knees around for keeping your pillow right in place). That strap is however attached to your pillow cover. These covers are usually machine washable.

Butterfly shaped knee pillow

This is another interesting variety of knee support pillows. They have the traditional hourglass/butterfly shape on both of their sides. Still, they are designed to open up at the middle point. Such a design of knee rest pillows usually involve hinges on them, used for allowing these pillows to get opened up. That way, they can be set flat onto the bed. The good thing about these pillows is that they’re fit for use for both head support and back support.

Furthermore, they might be used for leg elevation too. Along these lines, such types of between the knee pillows are useful for people who are in the habit of sleeping on their backs. They are also well suited for people who are in the habit of sleeping on their sides.

Memory Foam pillow

Memory Foam™ happens to be a brand. They use a particular kind of material called polyurethane. They use additional materials, increasing the density and/or thickness of the pillow. Such a pillow is designed to provide the ideal level of comfort to the body, by conforming to the body’s contours precisely. This contour pillow is loved due to the amorphous nature of the pillow.

Memory Foam™ has been developed by NASA of the US. The whole idea was to provide astronauts with highly pragmatic and simple solution during their space travels. It is a good thing that such a boon of science is within the reach of common people too, allowing people to sleep more comfortable at night.

These are a few of the knee pillow ideas that might appeal to you. If you’re looking for a sound night’s sleep, you’d be wise to look into any one of them.